We Love Geometry!


Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Math | Posted on September 29, 2013

We have dived into the world of Geometry!  We built 2-D shapes with K’Nex and the kids had blast!  Students learned about regular and irregular polygons to gain an understanding of how 2-D shapes are required to build 3-D shapes.  The students enjoyed creating different types of 2-D shapes. Honestly, they squealed with delight, which was great to hear!  Students learned how to be a team and co-operate with each other to create their shapes.   It was interesting to listen to the students discuss how they would create their shapes.  



iPhone Image 6E57C4

To understand geometric vocabulary on similar and congruent students created some fantastic designs.

Students did a great job building 3-D shapes with clay.


My students are excited to create their first iMovie on real world geometric shapes found on the playground and in the school.  For the majority of students using an iPad to take a picture and create an iMovie is a new and intriguing project! Stay tuned for our iMovie!

iPhone Image 6E5808

 Here’s a great resource to help build real world 3-D shapes.prod4356_dt


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I love the geometric K’nex 2D and 3D shapes.

Thank you very much! We tried our best! We also had a lot of fun!

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