Our First iMovie


Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Math | Posted on October 23, 2013




We are excited!  We made our first iMovie on geometric shapes found around the playground and classroom!  

Take a look!  Click the link below:




We hope you enjoyed our video!  We learned our world is filled with geometric shapes everywhere!  


After we completed the project this is what we learned:

  • Taking pictures horizontally will allow pictures to be edited easier and will look better on screen.

  • We need to make sure the colours and font we select will be visible and clear when the video is played.

  • Editing photos too many times can cause the photo to become distorted.

  • We learned how to use the app called Over.  What a great photo editing tool!

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love the video what a cool idea 🙂

Thank you! We enjoyed making our iMovie. We learned a great deal and we will always remember what 3-D shapes are. We cannot wait to make another iMovie on symmetry!

Hi, Grade Fours! I just watched your movie and I am SO impressed! How did you do that? You’re lucky that Miss Vidotto knows how to do these things 🙂
I miss you all! Love, Mrs. Ressler

I love the video Miss.V.

Wow!!! I think that is a really good idea!!! I loved it!!

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