Santa is Stuck!


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One Christmas Eve the white shiny snow was falling on Michelle’s brown rooftop. She was all tucked in bed with her fuzzy bear and her favourite blankets until she heard, ‘‘Thump, thump, thump, cling, thump, thump, thump, and cling’’. ‘‘Mmmmm,’’ she thought to herself. She thought it was her brother Andrew who was eight, so she went in to his bright blue room but he was fast asleep.  Michelle crept downstairs and looked at the milk and cookies, but the four cookies and milk were still there.

Suddenly Michelle heard ‘‘Help, help, help’’. She heard it come from the chimney. So she tiptoed to the cold brick chimney and she looked up! ‘‘Ahhhh,’’ she whispered. Then Michelle paused and she stammered, ‘‘Is that really you Santa?” ‘‘Yes’’, yelled Santa,” but you have to get me out before the night is over.” ‘‘Okay,’’ she whispered to Santa.  Michelle looked in the fridge to find some butter, but it was empty because her brother used all the butter yesterday.

Michelle slipped on her pink boots and outside she went.  Michelle went into the garage and found a rope. The rope was only 60 cm long she estimated. Michelle went inside and found ten jump ropes because she got a jump rope set from last Christmas. After she got the jump ropes she tied them together and made a ten meter rope.  Michelle went downstairs and tied Santa’s right arm on the jump rope and pulled. After a while she got tired because he wouldn’t budge.  

Michelle went upstairs and told her brother to help her. ‘‘Okay,’’ he whispered. Michelle and Andrew went downstairs and pulled on the jump ropes.  Suddenly Santa fell down and crashed into the ash.  Santa whispered, ‘‘Now you two go back to sleep and be wonderful little children.” “Alright! We will.  Merry Christmas,’’ Michelle and Andrew exclaimed! ‘‘Merry Christmas to you as well,’’ hollered Santa and off he went.


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I loved the fact you used jump ropes instead of a rope. Very well done.

Thank you Mrs.Bouw I loved my story too.

I love how you tried the jump rope to get Santa out and I like how you used Miss Vidotto’s name. It was very creative. Nice adjectives! Keep up the good work.

I loved how I used jump ropes too!

Your story is amazing.


Your story is amazing! I love it! You are an awesome writer!

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