Santa Stuck In The Chimney


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It was a chilly Christmas Eve, when Isaac and his family went to bed. Isaac woke up because  he heard a noise. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! Then Isaac went to look at the clock and it was 12:00 a.m. in the morning. Isaac went downstairs.  Isaac went outside and got a ladder.  As he was climbing the ladder he heard another THUMP.

Then Isaac got on the roof where he saw Santa Claus stuck in the chimney upside down. Isaac said, “Are you Santa Claus?” Santa said, “Yes.  Can you get me out of the chimney please?” “Yes,” said Isaac but he couldn’t think how to get Santa Claus out of the chimney. Santa Claus was crying because he was stuck. Then Isaac got an idea. He went to get a rope and then Isaac tied the rope to the reindeer. Isaac yelled, “When I count to three, you reindeer pull!” Isaac yelled, “ONE, TWO, and THREE!” All the reindeer PULLED and PULLED and PULLED then Santa popped out of the chimney.  Santa Claus said, “If you want a present then be a good boy and go to sleep.” Santa Claus ate the cookies Isaac had left for him. As he left Santa hollered, “Merry Christmas to all! HO HO HO HO HO! And so Isaac went to sleep.

     The End

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Wow! Your story was amazing and I thought it was cool how you added all the reindeer to help you get Santa out.

Thank you I thought your story was amazing too.

Your story is very good! I loved the idea of how the reindeer got Santa out. Keep up the good work!

Nice story, Isaac! I really like that you used the word “hollered” in your story.

My suggestion would be to make all the words in one sentence the same colour. I found it distracting to change colours in the middle of a sentence.

Keep writing great stories!

I like your stoy Isaac.

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