Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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It was Christmas Eve and quite chilly outside. I was just about to lie down and go to sleep in my cozy bed when immediately I heard a sound that was coming from outside! I looked out the window, when I looked out I saw some beautiful paws running and going up into the sky. That’s weird I thought to myself. Then all of a sudden I heard hooves on the roof. I scampered out of bed as fast as I could go! I was running so fast that I tripped on the stairs and screamed, “OW!” When I finally reached the bottom (which seemed like forever) I noticed that the gingerbread cookies I had left out hadn’t been eaten yet.

All of a sudden, I heard a soft voice, “HELP!” It was coming from the chimney. I put my head in the chimney and noticed that everything was red. “Had the sky turned red?” I thought to myself. But where had the voice come from? I looked up there again. This time I saw big black shiny boots. I stared up the chimney in amazement. Really could it be Santa? Then I heard the voice again. “Help get me out of here I’m stuck!” shrieked the voice. “Santa is that you?” I yelled at the top of my lungs! “W-w-who are you?” He stammered. “I am Helena. Do you need help to get out of here?” I asked politely. “Yes please,” he replied. I started to tug on his beard but he yelled, “OW! Please don’t tug on my beard again it hurts.” So I grabbed his shoulders and tugged as hard as I could but Santa did not budge. I thought and thought and thought about how I was going to get Santa out of that dark creepy chimney.

I ran outside as fast as my feet could carry me. I got a ladder and a rope from the garage. I put the rope around Santa’s fat legs and started to pull but his big black boots just came off. “My feet are really cold,” he stammered. So I put his boots back on his feet so they wouldn’t be so cold. I tried to jump on him but Santa still did not budge. Santa started to cry. “How will I ever deliver all the presents if I’m stuck in this chimney? The children will be so sad if they don’t have any presents on Christmas morning.” “Don’t worry,” I said to Santa. “I’ll get you out.” “I hope so, sighed Santa.” “Can you suck in your tummy?” I asked him. “Yes I can,” he replied. So Santa sucked in his big fat tummy and I jumped on his big black shiny boots. I jumped and jumped but Santa only budged a little bit, so I told Santa to suck his tummy in more. Then all of a sudden Santa fell down the creepy chimney and bonked his head on the bottom. “Ouch,” he yelled! I was still at the tip top of the roof. I asked Santa, “Are you OK?” He said, “Yes but my back hurts.” I accidentally tripped and fell down, down, down the dark chimney and landed right on Santa’s big fat belly. It was really soft but Santa yelled out really loud, “OUCH!” “Shhh don’t wake up my family,” I said. I’m trying not to but it really hurts.” I know,” I replied. “Here eat some cookies and milk. That will make you feel better.” “Ahh much better,” responded Santa.  “See I knew it would make you feel better,” I exclaimed. “Thanks now be a good girl and go to bed,” Santa exclaimed. “I will!  Merry Christmas,” I responded. “Merry Christmas to you to,” replied Santa!


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Great details in your story. Keep up the great work!

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