Santa is Stuck!


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Santa flying in the sky

It was a chilly and snowy night when Ella couldn’t go to sleep.  So Ella walked to the window and opened the curtains and looked outside to watch the snow falling from the sky. When Ella had looked at the snow for a while she went to bed because she was getting sleepy. Ella finally drifted off to sleep. 

SWOOSH! SWOOSH! Suddenly Ella woke up! What could it be that was open? Was it the door or was it the chimney? Ferociously Ella heard a THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!   Ella heard it again. What could it be? Ella wondered if it was Santa’s  footsteps or was it Santa’s sleigh and reindeer landing on the roof.   Ella went down the stairs and looked all around the house. 

Ella heard someone call, “HELP! HELP!   Get me out of here!” “Santa is that you,” Ella asked? “Yes it is me, but I am stuck in the chimney. “  Ella responded, “I will run to my room to try to find something to get you out of the chimney.”

Ella came into the living room with a piece of rope and tied it onto one of Santa’s arm, but he did not move. Ella went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge but the butter was empty. So Ella went into the garage and looked all around but she could not find anything that would help her get Santa out of the chimney.

Ella went into the barn and looked all around but could not find anything that would help her get Santa out of the chimney. Soon Ella went back inside the house and went to the fridge and got some Jell-O.   Ella went to the chimney and smeared it all over Santa. Plop out came Santa. Santa exclaimed, “Now go to bed like a good girl.” “Okay,” replied Ella.

                               HO! HO! HO!

Merry Christmas

 Santa is Stuck


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I love your story Nellabds4

Your story was ammazing and it also had good adjectives!!

Loved the words you used like swoosh and thump!

We liked how Ella thought of using Jell-O to get Santa out of the chimney. Good idea. We also liked how he went “plop” onto the floor!

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