Santa Stuck in Chimney


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Santa in Chimney

One Christmas Eve night Nelly was in her warm cozy bed upstairs in her room. Nelly could not fall asleep.  She was too excited for Christmas.  Nelly must have drifted off to sleep, when SUDDENLY  Nelly heard a  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!   Nelly thought it was just her brother again so Nelly went in her brother’s room to see if it was him, but it was not her brother. Nelly heard that THUMP, THUMP again. She knew it was not her brother this time.

Nelly crept down the stairs, so her family would not be able to hear her. Nelly went to the table in the living room to check to see if the chocolate chip cookies and if the fresh milk was still there.  It was!  Nelly heard the noise again.   It was coming from the roof and chimney.  Who could it be?  Nelly wondered could it be Santa Claus?

Nelly looked in the chimney.   Nelly saw a bright red suite and some shiny black boots sticking out of the chimney.

Nelly stuck her finger in the chimney. Nelly felt something fluffy.   Then Nelly heard a yell don’t pull on my white bread. Nelly whispered up the chimney, “Is it you Santa?”  “Yes it is me,” whispered Santa down the chimney. “What are you doing in the chimney,” asked Nelly.   “I am stuck.   Can you get me out of here,” said Santa?   “Yes Santa. I can,” exclaimed Nelly politely?  Nelly tried to get Santa out of the chimney but it did not work.  Nelly went outside into the garage to get a rope and try to get Santa out of the chimney. Nelly whispered up the chimney to the elves to push Santa down from the chimney so Santa would land onto the floor. The elves pushed Santa as hard as they could. Then FLOP down came Santa.  Nelly asked Santa if he was alright.  Santa replied, “Yes I am.”  Santa told Nelly to go to bed like a good girl would.   Nelly went to bed as quickly as she could just like Santa told her to.

HO! HO! HO!  MERRY  CHRISTMAS!    Nelly was sure she heard Santa saying this as he flew up into the sky!

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Great work! I liked how you changed the print colour for every new paragraph!

We liked how Nelly had the elves pull Santa down because it was a different idea. We were wondering
what +66- means. We think it must mean pushing very hard! You wrote a lot!

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