Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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The night before Christmas, Nick was in bed but he could not sleep.  He was too excited. Finally Nick fell asleep. Then Nick woke up and dashed downstairs because Nick heard a noise.  He was  sneaking to the chimney.   Nick looked in the chimney and some ash fell in his eyes.

SUDDENLY Nick heard thump, thump and a lose brick on the roof.   Just as Nick was about to go lie down, Nick heard something plop in the chimney. He heard someone yelling, “Help! Help! Help!” Nick quietly crept to the chimney again and peaked inside.   Santa is actually there Nick thought to himself.  Nick pulled his beard.   “Oww!! Don’t get me out that way,” Santa exclaimed.  

Nick got some soap and put it all over Santa.   He slipped a little bit down the chimney but that was not enough. Then he got a rope and tied it around his hands pulled as hard as he could.  PLOP Santa was out of the chimney.  Santa whispered to Nick thank you for getting me out.   I’m very pleased. “Now go to bed like a good boy,” Santa said.   Nick asked if Santa if he brought him a present.  It’s under the tree of course.   HO! HO! HO!  In the morning, Nick opened a remote control airplane.

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Keep up the good work! Writing gets better and better the more you practise!

We liked that you used a lot of ideas to get Santa out of the chimney. Using the soap ideas was smart because soap is very slippery.

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