Santa Claus Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa Stuck

It was a frosty cold evening on Christmas Eve.  I was cozy under my blanket and almost fell asleep, when I heard a voice.   That’s what I was waiting for.  I thought for sure it was Santa!   I screamed and woke up my sister, but I told her to go back to bed.   I slowly crept down the creaky stairs. I could still smell the delicious gingerbread men cookies I made that night.  The gingerbread cookies were still on the table with the chocolate milk I left for Santa. 

I poked my head into the chimney.  I could smell the ash from in the chimney. I saw something very strange poking out of the chimney. I placed my hand into the chimney and I pulled on something smooth and white. I heard someone moan. It must be Santa I thought to myself. “Santa is that you? So sorry for pulling on your beard,” I exclaimed. “Yes it is Santa. It is fine you pulled on my beard, but please get me out of the chimney. I am stuck,” moaned Santa.

I asked if he had any suggestions on how I could get him out of the chimney.  Well Santa responded, “You could use some cooking oil.” “Good idea.  Then you could slide out of the chimney,” I replied.   I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the oil from the counter.   I quickly ran back to the chimney to help Santa Claus, so he could finish delivering presents. So I tried to pull and pull but I still could not pull him out. I poured some more oil into the chimney.   I pulled and pulled some more.  It finally worked.   Santa came tumbling out of the chimney.   “Are you okay,” I asked slowly.  Santa moaned and got up and responded, “Yes I am alright.  You go back to sleep and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I woke up the next day and was excited to open my present that Santa gave me.  It was a camera!

Santa in Chimney

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Wow!! I that was a very good story. It’s really funny that you woke up your sister and you told her to go back to bed! I liked that you baked the gingerbread men cookies that night. Awesome job!!!!

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