Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa is Stuck

It was a frosty Christmas Eve. Johnny put chocolate chip cookies and 2% milk on the table for Santa. Johnny was so excited for Christmas he couldn’t sleep when Johnny was almost asleep he heard a, “thump”, “thump”, “thump.”  Johnny thought it was only his dad chasing the dog. Johnny crept down the creaky stairs and looked under the Christmas tree.  Not a present was placed under the tree. Johnny guessed Santa had not come to their house yet. 

 Johnny went closer to the chimney and looked up the chimney.  All Johnny saw was the snow falling from the pitch black sky. Johnny went back to his soft bed but he heard the sound again, “thump”, “thump”, “thump.” He went back downstairs again.

Johnny looked into the chimney again. He saw something fluffy and white, and pulled on it. Santa yelled, “Ooowww,” that hurts!  Don’t pull my beard!”  Johnny jumped back and asked, “Is that really you Santa?” Santa answered, “Yes but please don’t pull my beard again and help get me out of the chimney.”  Johnny went to get a rope out of the garage.  Johnny yelled to the elves, “Tie it around Santa’s lags and pull the rope.” Johnny threw the rope onto the rough and went back inside.  Suddenly, “PLOP,” Santa fell down the brick chimney. Santa said, “Please go back to bed.” Johnny did as he was told.  Santa ate the chocolate chip cookies and drank the 2% milk.





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