Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa is Stuck

It was a chilly Christmas Eve. I was cozy under my blankets downstairs. I was too excited about Christmas that I was wide awake. I must of have fallen asleep, when I heard a strange noise coming from the rooftop? Then I heard it again thump … thump and bells jingling.  Really could it be? Did I hear Santa Claus?

I quietly tiptoed from my bed and slowly crept down the stairs. I looked over to the brick fireplace which had Christmas red and green stockings hanging and I noticed the milk and Oreo cookies that I had left Santa were still there.   Also, the carrots that my brother had left for the reindeer had not been touched. I crept closer and closer to the brick fireplace. I heard a voice exclaiming, “Help! Help please!”  I looked into the fireplace.   It was Santa Claus.

Santa said to me, “Can you please get me out?”   Just a minute Santa.  I will get the butter and the elves to get you out. Your suit will get a bit slippery. Santa came tumbling out of the chimney.  Santa exclaimed, “Thank you.”  He gave me a teddy bear as a present. 

Ho! HO! Ho!   Merry Christmas!!


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You have included some excellent setting details. I also like your act is verbs like “crept and tiptoed”.

I would have loved more description of the elves and you greasing Santa up and sliding him out.

Great work!

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