Synonym Diamante Poem


Posted by annabds4 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on January 22, 2014


                                                        White, sharp

                                             Gliding, polishing, skating

                                       Polished ice, blade, people, chilly

rink       Freezing, slippery




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Wow!! Nice poem. I liked how you did it about skating. I also liked your pictures.

Thank you, I liked your poem as well.

Wow Anna! I liked your poem and the pictures you put on your poem.

Thank you. You are very kind and I liked your poem as well.

Great work, Anna! Your poem stayed on topic about skating and followed the diamante pattern. However, you seemed to have missed a line in your poem. Excellent use of descriptive language such as: gliding, polishing, and slippery. These descriptive words helped me picture a skater gliding across the polished ice in her white skates! Keep working hard and keep up the creative ideas on your next writing project, the snowman story. 🙂

Well thank you Miss Vidotto.

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