Snowman Comes to Life


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I wrote a story about a snowman that comes to life.   I hope you enjoy it!

  This is my paint roller snowman I hope you like it!   


One day a girl named Nancy woke up. She looked out  the window and was excited because it snowed.  Nancy got out of bed and got her snowpants on, toque, boots,and coat. Nancy was ready to go outside and started making a large snowball. The snowball was getting bigger and bigger because she was making a snowman.When Nancy was finished the snowman, she went inside. Nancy got a carrot, two buttons, hat, scraf, and mittens and placed them on the snowman. She was happy with her snowman . Nancy walked to the house door and someone threw a snowball at her. Nancy looked behind her.  She saw the snowman  throw another snowball. She asked the snowman,”Do you want to have a snowball fight?” The snowman answered,”Yes.” Nancy and the snowman had a snowball fight. Nancy made a snow hill to hide behind.The snowman could throw very far and hard that the snow hill broke and the snow fell on Nancy.

Nancy and the snowman finished having a snowball fight Nancy asked the snowman,“Do you want hot chocolate?” The snowman replied,“I can’t have hot chocolate our else I will melt, but I can have cold chocolate milk.” Nancy went to get the cold and hot chocolate.

When Nancy and the snowman finished drinking cold and hot chocolate the snowman asked Nancy,“Do you want to go snowboarding?”Nancy replied, “Yes.” Nancy and the snowman went snowboarding.When they got to the hill behind Nancy’s house they jumped high in the air and the snowman did a backflip.  The snowman landed perfectly.   Nancy thought that was impressive for a snowman. Nancy asked the snowman, “Can I call you Corny?” The snowman replied, “Yes.” They had so much fun but it was getting warmer and warmer throughout the day. Corny  told Nancy,“I need to go.” Nancy  replied, “Why?”Corny  answered, “I have to go because the sun is out and I will soon melt.  I will come out and play next winter.” Nancy told Corny, “Bye Corny  I will miss you very much.”Corny replied, “I will miss you too.” Corny  left and melted away. 

The End

Snowman Lost


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I wrote a story about a snowman getting lost in a blizzard!

This is my paint roller snowman that I made in Art class and my story is under the snowman.    I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!

 Roller Snowman

One day Nancy and her twin sister Nelly went outside. Now you couldn’t tell them apart because they both had brown hair, brown eyes, and always wore the same clothes. When they were outside they played freeze tag because it was freezing outside. So they went in to the back of their cottage and played another game of freeze tag. Finally they were tuckered out and then they waited for it to snow. A few minutes later, it started to snow heavily and the snow on the ground was whiter then a bunch of clouds stuck together. The best part was it was whiter than the other snow.  Nelly and  Nancy lived in the Arctic and they  were  very  lucky because the Arctic  had beautiful  northern  lights, a great deal of snow, white coyotes, white rabbits, and more amazing things.   Living in the Arctic didn’t mean they couldn’t build a snowman. So Nelly rolled two snowballs and Nancy rolled the head.“ Finished,”  shouted Nelly in a HAPPY voice!   

“ Lets go for a boat ride and when we came back we will eat supper,”  replied Nancy in a low voice. “ Okay,” answered Nelly. So the two twins went on a boat ride. They were still out in the ocean.So they went further and further into the ocean. Then it started to get windy with blowing snow.  Nelly and Nancy knew there was going to be a  BLIZARD ! So they paddled as fast as they could . They were almost home,but the blowing snow did not STOP !  Finally they were home and stepped in to their warm cottage.  They ate chocolate cookies and very hot chocolate to warm up.  While they were having their snack Nancy asked, “But where’s our snowman because I didn’t see it outside?” So the twins looked out the window but  Snowy, (that’s what Nelly and Nancy named their snowman)  was not there. Then they put on their snowsuits, mittens, boots, and  very warm socks. They looked and looked but she was no where to be found.“ How could she have just walked away?”  “I was going to have a snowball fight with her,” sighed Nelly in a mad voice. They looked and looked but Snowy was no where to be found.

Then Nancy remarked ,“ Alright we have to look for a snowman in a bright yellow hat, a squared green scarf and  humongous lights on her.”  Suddenly Nelly shouted,“ What if she climbed into the boat to escape the blizzard. “Great idea!  We should check there,” shouted Nancy with a high pitched  voice. So they ran over  to the boat in a hurry and guess what they found ?  “SNOWY,” they both shouted.  The huge blizzard was over!   The twins had the biggest snowball fight ever and the best part was that they had it with Snowy!                       


I Love Science!!!


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I love science because we finished learning about optical devices. We built a kaleidoscope, binoculars, periscope, and a telescope. Any student that would be in grade four right now would have really enjoyed it! My favourite optical device that we built was the periscope.  I learned that there are two mirrors in the periscope that reflect and when you look in one end it looks like you are looking straight, but you are actually looking up.   I learned that the kaleidoscope has many different colours, designs and shapes. I learned that the binoculars are just two telescopes stuck together.  I learned that the telescope makes objects larger than they really are. Here are some pictures of the things we built and take a look at my teacher’s Twitter feed to see our finished projects.  











Shadow Plays


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Take a look at our shadow plays!   We hope you enjoy them!


Gingerbread Man


Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf



Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Three Billy Goats Gruff


The Three Little Reindeers and the Big Bad Santa





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This video was made using iMovie by students and shows a variety of symmetry projects.  Students created symmetrical objects with K’Nex, Geo boards and elastics, and used the app called, Symmetry Lab Basic,”  to create creative symmetrical designs. I’m looking forward to seeing their completed symmetrical drawing of themselves, which they are completing in Art.

Symmetry Site:


We hope you enjoyed our symmetry video! 

Winter Diamante Poem


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                                                              Frozen, chilly

Gloves, stick, helmet

Scoring, cheering, skating

Puck, net, sticks, skates

Body checking, scoring, guarding

Smart, skilled

 Hockey player stickpants

Synonym Diamante Poem


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                                                              Chilly, blustery

                                                    Blowing, freezing, glistening

                                                Black ice, Arctic blast, scarf, mittens

                                                 Snowing, shivering, warming

                                                               Frosty, snowy 



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