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This video was made using iMovie by students and shows a variety of symmetry projects.  Students created symmetrical objects with K’Nex, Geo boards and elastics, and used the app called, Symmetry Lab Basic,”  to create creative symmetrical designs. I’m looking forward to seeing their completed symmetrical drawing of themselves, which they are completing in Art.

Symmetry Site:


We hope you enjoyed our symmetry video! 

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Wow! Great job guys. Love the video 🙂

Awesome job! Keep up the great work! 🙂

Nice work Grade Four. I know how much you enjoyed building with the K’Nex and you created some creative symmetrical designs! The designs you created using the app, “Symmetry Lab Basic,” were interesting, colourful, and unique. Nice job spotting symmetrical shapes in and outside of the classroom! Now, use this same enthusiasm to memorize your multiplication facts! 🙂

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