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I love science because we finished learning about optical devices. We built a kaleidoscope, binoculars, periscope, and a telescope. Any student that would be in grade four right now would have really enjoyed it! My favourite optical device that we built was the periscope.  I learned that there are two mirrors in the periscope that reflect and when you look in one end it looks like you are looking straight, but you are actually looking up.   I learned that the kaleidoscope has many different colours, designs and shapes. I learned that the binoculars are just two telescopes stuck together.  I learned that the telescope makes objects larger than they really are. Here are some pictures of the things we built and take a look at my teacher’s Twitter feed to see our finished projects.  











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I am glad you enjoyed building the optical devices! You had some creative and artistic designs on your optical devices. It was fantastic that you wrote about what you learned in Science. I am sure you will enjoy the, “Simple Machines,” unit as well. Hope you had a wonderful February break! See you on Monday! 🙂

I think I will enjoy the next unit too! THANK YOU!!!

I can see why you love Science so much! You wrote very clearly about your projects and I can’t wait to hear what will be coming up for you next!

I am glad that you love Science so much. When I read the description of your projects, I could feel how excited you were!

Thank you Mrs.Nishi!!

When I was younger I also enjoyed science. All the projects are so much fun. Glad you enjoy learning 🙂

Looks like you enjoyed this unit in science. 🙂
Keep up the good work.

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