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I wrote a story about a snowman getting lost in a blizzard!

This is my paint roller snowman that I made in Art class and my story is under the snowman.    I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!

 Roller Snowman

One day Nancy and her twin sister Nelly went outside. Now you couldn’t tell them apart because they both had brown hair, brown eyes, and always wore the same clothes. When they were outside they played freeze tag because it was freezing outside. So they went in to the back of their cottage and played another game of freeze tag. Finally they were tuckered out and then they waited for it to snow. A few minutes later, it started to snow heavily and the snow on the ground was whiter then a bunch of clouds stuck together. The best part was it was whiter than the other snow.  Nelly and  Nancy lived in the Arctic and they  were  very  lucky because the Arctic  had beautiful  northern  lights, a great deal of snow, white coyotes, white rabbits, and more amazing things.   Living in the Arctic didn’t mean they couldn’t build a snowman. So Nelly rolled two snowballs and Nancy rolled the head.“ Finished,”  shouted Nelly in a HAPPY voice!   

“ Lets go for a boat ride and when we came back we will eat supper,”  replied Nancy in a low voice. “ Okay,” answered Nelly. So the two twins went on a boat ride. They were still out in the ocean.So they went further and further into the ocean. Then it started to get windy with blowing snow.  Nelly and Nancy knew there was going to be a  BLIZARD ! So they paddled as fast as they could . They were almost home,but the blowing snow did not STOP !  Finally they were home and stepped in to their warm cottage.  They ate chocolate cookies and very hot chocolate to warm up.  While they were having their snack Nancy asked, “But where’s our snowman because I didn’t see it outside?” So the twins looked out the window but  Snowy, (that’s what Nelly and Nancy named their snowman)  was not there. Then they put on their snowsuits, mittens, boots, and  very warm socks. They looked and looked but she was no where to be found.“ How could she have just walked away?”  “I was going to have a snowball fight with her,” sighed Nelly in a mad voice. They looked and looked but Snowy was no where to be found.

Then Nancy remarked ,“ Alright we have to look for a snowman in a bright yellow hat, a squared green scarf and  humongous lights on her.”  Suddenly Nelly shouted,“ What if she climbed into the boat to escape the blizzard. “Great idea!  We should check there,” shouted Nancy with a high pitched  voice. So they ran over  to the boat in a hurry and guess what they found ?  “SNOWY,” they both shouted.  The huge blizzard was over!   The twins had the biggest snowball fight ever and the best part was that they had it with Snowy!                       


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WOW love your story Nancy. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Thank you very much!!!!!!

Very cute snowman!

I am glad the twins made it home safe and sound from the boat ride in the blizzard.

I love my snowman too. I’m glad the twins made it home too.

🙂 I love your story Nancy. It was amazing. WOW!!

Thanks Isaac!!!!!!!

Wow! That was a great story. I liked how you said Nelly shouted in a happy voice.

Thank you.

Wow. I love your story. Keep up the amazing work

Thank You!!!

Nice job with your story, Nancy! It was very creative to have twin sisters in your story. I liked how you described the twins and what it was like to live in the Arctic. This helps the reader create a picture in their mind of what the characters and setting look like. Nice use of descriptive words such as, “tuckered, cottage, heavily, etc,” as this makes your story more interesting. It was great to see you applied what we have done with quotation marks, using them correctly and not using said. I’m glad that the twins made it back safely from their boat ride during the blizzard. Very creative name for a snowman, Snowy. I could envision Snowy in my mind based on your excellent description. It was very smart of Snowy to hide in the boat and for the twins to find Snowy there. I’m glad the twins had the snowball fight that they wanted with Snowy. You do a great job of adding detail to your story writing, continue to keep this in mind with all of your writing. A suggestion is that you could have added one or two more activities that the twins could have done with Snowy after they found her. Keep up the hard work and excellent writing! Proud of your writing! 🙂

Thank you!!! I am very proud of my writing too. Yes I guess I could have added at least two more things. Thanks for pointing that out!!!!

Nice job!! I like that you had twins in your story! I like that the twins got home safely on the boat in the BLIZZARD!! I like that you used CAPITALS for SNOW AND BLIZZARD!!

Yes it was a very creative idea to capitalize those words. Thank you!!!

Nice story Nancy you had. Very good adjectives and I like how the twins had everything the same. It made me giggle! Keep up the good work Nancy!!!

Yes it made me giggle too!!! Thank you!!!!

I like your story and how you couldn’t tell the twins apart. I like your names sush as Nelly and Nancy.

Yes I thought that Nelly and Nancy both started with a N it might as well be their names. Thank you!!!!

Thank you everybody!!

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