Snowman Comes to Life


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I wrote a story about a snowman that comes to life.   I hope you enjoy it!

  This is my paint roller snowman I hope you like it!   


One day a girl named Nancy woke up. She looked out  the window and was excited because it snowed.  Nancy got out of bed and got her snowpants on, toque, boots,and coat. Nancy was ready to go outside and started making a large snowball. The snowball was getting bigger and bigger because she was making a snowman.When Nancy was finished the snowman, she went inside. Nancy got a carrot, two buttons, hat, scraf, and mittens and placed them on the snowman. She was happy with her snowman . Nancy walked to the house door and someone threw a snowball at her. Nancy looked behind her.  She saw the snowman  throw another snowball. She asked the snowman,”Do you want to have a snowball fight?” The snowman answered,”Yes.” Nancy and the snowman had a snowball fight. Nancy made a snow hill to hide behind.The snowman could throw very far and hard that the snow hill broke and the snow fell on Nancy.

Nancy and the snowman finished having a snowball fight Nancy asked the snowman,“Do you want hot chocolate?” The snowman replied,“I can’t have hot chocolate our else I will melt, but I can have cold chocolate milk.” Nancy went to get the cold and hot chocolate.

When Nancy and the snowman finished drinking cold and hot chocolate the snowman asked Nancy,“Do you want to go snowboarding?”Nancy replied, “Yes.” Nancy and the snowman went snowboarding.When they got to the hill behind Nancy’s house they jumped high in the air and the snowman did a backflip.  The snowman landed perfectly.   Nancy thought that was impressive for a snowman. Nancy asked the snowman, “Can I call you Corny?” The snowman replied, “Yes.” They had so much fun but it was getting warmer and warmer throughout the day. Corny  told Nancy,“I need to go.” Nancy  replied, “Why?”Corny  answered, “I have to go because the sun is out and I will soon melt.  I will come out and play next winter.” Nancy told Corny, “Bye Corny  I will miss you very much.”Corny replied, “I will miss you too.” Corny  left and melted away. 

The End

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I liked the activities you did with the snowman.

Keep up the good work! 🙂

What a good story. Love how they shared cold and hot chocolate. 🙂

Thank you!!

Wow nice story! I liked how you used my name. Really nice description and adjectives.

Thank you!! 🙂

I loved your story. I liked how you had cold chocolate milk.

Thank you.

Nice work, Isaac! I liked how the day began with Nancy being excited and getting ready to go outside to make a snowman. A suggestion is you could have described what Nancy looked like. This helps create a picture in the reader’s mind of what the character looks like. Great idea to have the snowman throw a snowball at Nancy as she was leaving. Great activities that you did with your snowman. I am glad you listened to my suggestions and went back and added more detail to each of the activities. This helps make your story more interesting. Also, I am glad you went back and took all of the and then they did this and then they did this. You managed to change the activities Nancy and Corny did more effectively. I agree very impressive that a snowman could do snowboarding tricks! Maybe he came from the snowman Olympics? Tee hee! Too bad that Corny melted, but I am sure he will come back next winter to visit his friend Nancy. Continue to focus on adding detail, descriptive words, and how you transition from activity to activity as this will allow your writing to be more effective. Keep working hard! Proud of how much your writing has improved since the beginning of the year! 🙂

Thank you:)

Nice job with your story Isaac!! I like that you used a different name than Isaac. Keep up the great work.

I like how you were going to make hot chocolate when you got home. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.

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