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Yesterday, a young woman named Jenny Ellert, came to do a presentation on agriculture   She taught us how to take care of crops that have insects and can cause crops to die. We also learned that a Ladybug is really called a Lady Beetle. We even got to look at some bugs that cause crops to die and some good bugs that try to help the keep the farmer’s crops safe.Agriculture

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I learned that a ladybug was really a lady beetle too!!!

Thank you. I agree with you that we learned that a ladybug was really a lady beetle.

Wow Nella that was a great post on agriculture. It was nice of the presenter to give us candy.

Thank you. I agree with you about the part where you said she gave us candy.

Yes it was very kind of her to give us candy and a book.

Thank you! I am almost done my book. Are you?

What book?

Now I now what book you mean! Sorry!

Have you eaten all of your candy?

Yes I have. Have you?

I ate mine all on one day.

Nice job on your post, Nella! It’s great that you learned that some bugs are beneficial and that not all bugs are pests. That was an important take away from the presentation! It was very nice of Jenny to give the class candy and a book on agriculture! Keep working hard! 🙂

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