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Reisig-Kudzu-BugYesterday March 5th 2014 , we had a presenter, named Jenny Ellert who taught us about agriculture. One of the things I learned was about bugs. Some bugs eat crops and cause crops to die. We also learned that Ladybugs are actually Lady Beetles.  Sometimes there are good bugs to eat the bad bugs and sometimes they need to spray the crops with chemicals.  I enjoyed the presentation.

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I’m glad you enjoyed it and so did I!!! Great work:):)

Great job, Gerhard! I can tell from your post that you learned a great deal from the presentation about agriculture. Great job on using the word, “chemicals,” when discussing how bugs are sprayed. I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation! I also never knew a Ladybug was called a Lady Beetle! Neat fact! Keep working hard! 🙂

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