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Did you know not all bugs are bad?   Some bugs are good to crops and other bugs ruin crops. The good bugs are good because they protect the crops from getting ruined by the bad bugs.  Farmer’s fields have the most bugs. If the farmer sees one bad bug, it doesn’t mean they have to spray.  If farmer sprays the field it will kill the good bugs too.   However, if there is a big problem with bad bugs the farmer will have to spray the field!!!!! Did you know that a Lady Bug is actually called a Lady Beetle?   Isn’t that cool!!!!  The presenter, Jenny Ellert, showed us a big box of bugs.  I really enjoyed it!!!!

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I didn’t know all bugs are not bad. Good job. You are a really good writer.

Great job on your post, Nancy! It’s great you understand the main point that some bugs are beneficial and that not all bugs are pests! I agree that different insects in the case were neat! I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation! Keep up the great work! 🙂

It sounds like your presenter was knowledgable. What kinds of bugs are beneficial? Can they also help gardens?

Yes they can help gardens and a ladybug can help gardens too.

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