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Posted by susiefbds4 | Posted in Grade 4 Science, Social | Posted on March 30, 2014

I enjoyed the agriculture presentation and learning about insects. The presenter discussed how insects can harm farmer’s fields. The presenter taught us why should not spray fields too easily because there are some insects that are helpful.  They eat the insects that harm the farmer’s fields. The agriculture presenter gave us a colouring book and some candy.   That was nice of her!

tractor plowing the fields

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Nice job, Susie! You did a great job explaining what you learned from the agriculture presentation. It’s great you picked up that the beneficial bugs eat the harmful bugs. I agree it was nice of the presenter to give the class candy and a colouring book! 🙂

Does your Dad work on a farm? If he does, I bet he would be interested in learning this information from you.

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