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Yesterday a lady name Jenny Ellert came to our class and talked about insects. She even brought a glass box of insects and she gave us candy. She was talking about wheat, crops and  how a lot of  bad insects were eating the roots. We even learned Ladybugs are not called Ladybugs they are called Lady Beetles. She even gave us a book to write in.

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Yes it was cool when she came in and talked about insects, bugs, fields and more. Nice post!!!

Thank you! I should of put more but I could not think of anymore to write about. Thanks for the comments though! 🙂

Nice job, Anna on your post! It’s great that you learned a few things about agriculture and I agree it was very kind of Jenny to give the class candy and an agriculture book. Keep working on adding more detail to your writing because you have great ideas! Keep working hard! 🙂

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