What Easter Means To Me


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On Easter Sunday we go to church. We sing Easter songs and say prayers. Easter is when Jesus rose from the grave and went to heaven. Jesus died on the cross.  After that, he was in a grave that no one had ever been in. Three days later he rose from the grave, and went to heaven to forgive us from our sins. Before we go to church we have to go our room so that my parent can hide the presents that they bought us for Easter once they are done they come and tell us that we can go find them. Once we have found ours we have to go sit at the table so my parents know that we found our presents.After we attend church, we go to our cousins or they come to our house. Once they came to our house and we had BBQ and it was good!  After that, we played tag when it was almost dark. Once we  were very exhausted we went inside and listened to the parents  talking. Sometimes we answered questions that my aunts and uncles had for us.  Easter is a fun time in my family!!                

Happy Easter!!

cross stitch pattern Cute Easter Bunny

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Nice work, Eva! You did a great job describing why Easter is important to you and that is important to remember it is about Jesus. I like how you described the fun you have with you family also. I think it is cute that you go back to the table to show your parents that you found the hidden Easter baskets. Sounds like you have a tasty meal as well with you cousins. Keep up the great work! 🙂


Eva what did you get for Easter?

I got a skipping rope, a lot of candy, chocolate and two packs of gum.

What did you get?

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