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A lady named Jenny Ellert came to the Grade 4 class and talked about insects and spiders. I had never seen so many dried insects that she brought in.  Jenny showed us some diferent bugs on the Smartboard.  She told us that some bugs help the plants grow and other bugs destroy the plants.  She even showed us some bugs on thin sticks. 

My favourite part was where we got to see the bugs in the case she brought in.  I have never seen some of those bugs, but some I did see.  She told us what the bugs were called and what they do to the plants.  Jenny works on a farm and sprays the fields if they need it.  If it doesn’t need to be sprayed and she has gone all the way around the field, she can go home.  I really enjoyed the presentation.





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Nice work on your agriculture post. You learned the importance that not all bugs are bad. I agree with you that the bugs in the case were neat to see! Keep up the great work! 🙂

Thank you Miss Vidotto!

Have you ever considered starting a bug collection of your own. You could make/create your own case to display them in and then do some research on the bugs. It could be a cool passtime.

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