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Posted by annabds4 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on April 9, 2014

On our field trip we went to watch The Wizard Of Oz. When we were there we waited for a few minutes and the play started.  There was a witch and she looked very creepy and she had pet monkeys.  Dorothy had a puppy.  It was very cute.  First Dorothy saw the Scarecrow and he did not have a brain, so they went off to see The Wizard Of Oz. Then Dorothy saw the Tinman and he did not have a heart so they went of to see The Wizard Of Oz. 

My favourite part was when they saw The Wizard Of Oz. Then they went to a forest and there was a lion and he had no courage. So they went off to see The Wizard Of Oz.  When they were at The Wizard Of Oz, he replied by telling them to go get a broom from the wicked witch.  If they did this then the lion would get his courage, the tinman would get his heart, and the scarecrow would  get a brain.   

Hopefully, The Wizard of Oz would send Dorothy back home.  So they went back to the witches’ house and they melted the witch and got the broom.  When they went back to the Wizard Of Oz the tinman got his heart, the scarecrow got his brain, and the lion got his courage. Dorothy and Toto were reunited with their family. The best part was when Dorothy sang the songs.   She had a beautiful voice.  I really enjoyed the play!  🙂


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Nice job, Anna! I can tell that you understood what happened in the play. I’m glad you enjoyed the play. I thought it was terrific as well! I thought Dorothy had a beautiful singing voice too. I would have liked to see you include a little bit more what you thought about the play because your opinion matters! Keep working hard! 🙂

What a great summary. If I had not seen the movie, I would understand the plot completely. I sure wish I could have seen the play with you.

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