The Wizard Of Oz


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the wizard of oz

the-wizard-of-ozOn our field trip we went to the Esplanade to watch The Wizard Of Oz. When we got to the Esplanade we had to wait a few minutes. Then the show started to play. There was a kind witch that lived in the north and there was a wicked witch from the west.

My favourite part was when Dorothy and Toto got home safely.

I enjoyed when the kind witch came to Dorothy’s house and said the wicked witch of the west was dead. I also enjoyed the part were all of the people in the show came in pairs of two and sang a song. I was scared when the smoke came on the stage and I was very scared when the wicked witch made this one scary sound with her voice.

 After the show was over we had to wait for the bus to come back to the Esplanade and pick us up. When we were on the bus we ate our lunch. When we were back at school we got ready to go home. When we were ready to go home the bus students had to go on the bus to go home.  I really enjoyed the play!  🙂

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I’m glad you enjoyed the play. I thought the play was fantastic as well! I was happy that Toto and Dorothy returned home safely as well. The sound effects and the witch were definitely scary. Nice job sharing what your favourite and least favourite parts about the play. Keep working hard! 🙂

Obviously, the actresses who played the witches were very talented if they could make you feel emotion with their voices. I like that the story has a happy ending as well. It makes you forget the scary parts.

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