The Wizard of Oz


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imagesOur class went to see The Wizard of Oz at the Esplanade for a field trip. First we waited a few minutes and the we went to watch the play put on by Eagle Butte High School. It was about a girl named Dorothy that looses her dog, Toto, to a mean lady named Miss Gulch. Then there’s a twister that takes her to the land of Oz. She meets the munchkins and a good witch that gives her magic red slippers that make it so that the wicked witch of the west can’t cast any spells on her. Right after that there was lightning, thunder, strobe lights, and smoke ( which was really water vapor ) :). Then Dorothy was told to follow the yellow brick road. On her way she meets a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tinman, and a cowardly lion. When Dorothy meets the Wizard of Oz she is told to retrieve the witch’s broomstick. When Dorothy is caught by the witch, her friends get her back by dressing up as the witch’s servants Winkies. Dorothy spills acid on the witch and she brings the witch’s broom back to the wizard and the wizard floats away in an air balloon without her because she forgot Toto. Then she was told to click her heels together three times and say there’s no place like home.  She woke up in her bed and it ended.  My  favourite part was when the Winkies sang yooo-ho-yo-hee-ho. There was no part I didn’t like. 

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Great work Drayden. You obviously had a solid understanding of what the play is about based on your writing. Great insight into activities that happen behind the scenes, like using water vapour to create the smoke. Why did you like the Winkies? Why did you enjoy the song the Winkies sang? Next time, I would like for you to include more of your opinion into your writing. This makes it more interesting and will generate questions about your opinion. Keep working hard! 🙂

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