Wizard Of Oz


Posted by jacobwbds4 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on May 1, 2014

Our class went on a field trip March 28th and

we watched a play called the Wizard Of Oz.

   My favourite part was when the lion

said how brave he was, but when he

touched his own tail he started to cry and

thought someone else touched his tail.  My

least favourite part was when the witch

 came out of her cave with a big BBBOOOOMMM.


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Great job describing who your favourite and least favourite characters that were in the play. The lion made me chuckle because he was a great actor. The makeup and costume were well done to produce the effect of the witch being scary. However, you could have added more information such as, your favourite and least favourite part, what happened in the play, if you enjoyed the sound effects etc. Keep working on this for your next writing project. 🙂

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