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Posted by getrudabds4 | Posted in Grade 4 Science | Posted on May 18, 2014

In Science we are learning about simple machines. Right now we are working on the lever. We started building different kinds of things with K’nex that have a lever. My group is doing a seesaw and a balance. Some groups are still doing a wheel and axle. We did wheel and axles before we did levers.  I enjoy building.

                           Balance                                                                 Seesawseesaw



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I am glad that you are enjoying the Simple Machines unit in Science. Your group works well together and have built some fantastic machines. What has been your favourite simple machine to learn about and build?

Thank you! My favourite simple machine to learn about and build was the pulley.

Why did you enjoy learning about the pulley?

Good job Getruda!! You used a lot of adjectives to describe simple machines!! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I actually enjoyed it too!!! It’s very fun having an awesome partner like you!!!

You did a wonderful job on your simple machines post. Sounds like you enjoy building. I wish I could write fast and neat like you and Nancy.

Thank you.

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