Farm Safety Day!!!!


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                                              Farm safety day was very fun and cool.

Farm Safety Day was on June, 4 2014. Our first session was first aid. First aid – was about taking care of someone or yourself when you get hurt. If you have a little cut you should just take care of yourself alone but if it is a big cut you should call for help. If you have a cut on your hand and it’s a big one and it is not stop bleeding you should put your hand up for one minute but if it is your leg you should put your leg on a chair for one minute then the bleeding will slow down.

Combine- We learned that you should always stand where the driver can see you. Did you know that a combine has a lot of pulleys and if you put finger in the pulley then your  finger would be cut off. We even got to sit in the combine and look at all the levers that were in the combine.

Roll Over Simulator- Did you know that one click can save your life?  Now the simulator was the best because we could see what would happen in real life if you ever rolled over. The guy had a dumb dummy and a smart dummy.  The dumb dummy was callled dumb because he did not put on his seatbelt and the smart dummy did.

Germs- was about protecting your hands and body by washing them or taking a bath. You have to wash them after using the bathroom, after playing in dirt, when you are sick, and before touching anything or anyone. Step 1 is make your hands wet- Step 2 is put some soup on your hands-Step 3 rub the soap around your hands-Step 4 rinse your hands.

Chemical Safety- In chemical safety we learned that some chemicals look alike to some drinks that you might know. When we are working with chemicals we have to cover our whole body. 

Tractor- We learned to always be beside the tractor not in front or at the back we always need to be besdide it or in the tractor. 

Lawn Mower- We always have to make sure we are wearing proper stuff incase a stone hits you or a stick or anything else. Make sure you mow the lawn after the grass is dry. Make sure you put in some gas after the lawn mower’s engine is cooled off. Bike Safety- Always remember to wear a helmet!!!! Make sure your brakes work and your chain is on tight.

                                                       I hope you learned alot!!!!! 

farm safety N.L. safety N.L. TRACTOR N.L.

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Wow! You did a great job with your farm safety post, Nancy! You definitely paid attention and learned the importance of making wise decisions! I like how you described what you learned at each station. The roll over simulator was a great reminder of how one click can save your life. Also, the germ station was neat having the UVA light show how many germs we have on our hands when not washed properly. Keep up the excellent blog post writing! 🙂

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