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Posted by saraf1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on November 25, 2014

Dear Veteran,

Thank you for fighting to keep peace and freedom in Canada and other countries. Thank you for handing out poppies to wear, so we can show our respect. My class learned about John McCrae and that he wrote a poem called “In Flanders Fields,” it reminded him of his friend that died in Flanders Fields.

I listened to a song called, “The Pittance Of Time,”   and that we have to have two minutes of silence at 11:00 to remember the soldiers. We sang “Just one Candle” on Remembrance Day and we held a candle.   Our class tried to wear red and black clothes to honour the colours of Remembrance Day.  Our class created clay poppies to show our respect for the soldiers.

We had a solider come from Suffield and he discussed the importance of Remembrance Day. The Tomb of the Unknown Solider is found on the National War Memorial in Ottawa, but there were many other soldiers that are unknown as well.   World War 1 ended on November 11th, 11:00 in 1918.  This is the reason Remembrance Day was created.  The Peace Tower has fifty-three bells all different sizes that are rung on Remembrance Day. Inside of the Peace Tower is the Book of Remembrance that has all the names of soldiers that have died in war.  It is sad that many people have lost land, houses, and families in war. Thank you for serving our country.




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Great work, Sara! You showed your understanding of Remembrance Day. You included some interesting information into your letter, such as, the soldier that came from Suffield and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial. It is nice you showed that you feel sad about people losing their land, houses, and families in war. This shows you have empathy for others. Keep working on adding detail and descriptive adjectives to your writing to make it more interesting. Nice job with your poppy! Keep working hard, Sara!

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