Remembrance Day Letter


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Dear Veteran ,

Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for keeping peace and freedom for our country. I wear a poppy on Remembrance Day to show  I  appreciate what you have done for us. We learned that poppies long ago were made out of red cloth and black centres. Thank you for keeping our country and other countries safe from wars.

We learned about  John Mc Crae who was a soldier that wrote, ‘’In Flanders Fields.”    He wrote the poem in memory of his friend who died in war. We are singing a song for the Remembrance Day that is called ‘’Just One Candle.”   The Peace Tower is  in Ottawa has a room called a Memorial Chamber.  In the room is a book that has all of the names of soldiers that died. We listened to the soldiers sing, ‘’Pittance of Time .”

We made poppies out of clay.  We made the poppies to show our respect for the soldiers that died in war. I enjoyed listening to the grade ones sing at the Remembrance Day Assembly. We bowed our heads in silence for two minutes to remember the soldiers.  Thank you for serving our country.

poppy                         poppy                                                  

                                                                                                           Yours Truly, 



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Great Job Martha! I didn’t know that a book was kept inside the Memorial Chambers.

Great work, Martha! Your letter showed that you understand the importance of Remembrance Day. You included some details about Remembrance Day that were wonderful, such as the Memorial Chamber. Try to just state the facts, rather than saying you learned this. Keep working on adding detail and descriptive adjectives to your writing to make it more interesting. Nice job on your clay poppy. Keep working hard, Martha! 🙂

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