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elfDecember 11, 2014   


Holly Winters

12 Jolly Lane

Snowtown 73121


Mr. Santa Claus

25 December Lane

North Pole, Canada HOH OHO

      Dear Mr. Claus

      I saw your advertisement for elves at the North Pole, and I would like to apply to be a Gift Wrapping Elf. I would be excellent at this job because I enjoy wrapping gifts for my lovely family, relatives, and awesome friends. I am good at wrapping gifts because I don’t do it in a hurry and I tie fancy bows. I will wrap a lot of gifts for excited children and won’t waste my time.

     I would choose fancy wrapping paper with snowmen designs, snowflakes, falling snow, candy canes, wreaths, and flying reindeer. A reason to hire me is I am an excellent wrapper and I follow directions carefully.

     Thank you for taking the time to consider me to be in the gift wrapping department. I can’t wait to hear from you!  



Holly Winters


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Great job, Tina! You did a great job with your letter as applying for the job as Gift Wrapping Elf. You showed enthusiasm for the job and explained why you should be hired for the job. I liked how you would wrap the gifts in different wrapping paper designs and tie fancy bows. You could have included more detail and description such as: colour of bows and colour of wrapping paper. Keep working on this for your next writing project.

Great idea to include your skills such as not wasting time and following directions well. These are definitely skills Santa would like to have in an elf.

Congratulations on begin hired as Gift Wrapping Elf at the North Pole! 🙂

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