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December 12, 2014

Kate Snowflake

12 Snowflake Lane

Icytown, VTO 8727


Mr. Santa Claus

25 December Lane

North Pole, Canada HOH OHO


Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

          I saw your job postings for elves at the North Pole. I would like to apply for the job as a Baker Elf. I enjoy baking for others. If I had this job I would bake beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies for you and Mrs.Claus. I would bake cookies for the elves as well.  I enjoy measuring ingredients. My accurate measuring skills would mean my delicious baked goods will taste perfect.   I love chocolate so I would taste everything I baked.

            I know you and Mrs. Claus are busy, but it would be enjoyable to bake with the two of you.   I also love vanilla.  Vanilla is my secret ingredient in my sugar cookies.!   I would enjoy working at the North Pole with other elves because at home I roll dough out and stir the ingredients with my mom.  Also, what a great first job it would be to work at the North Pole. I enjoy working in a warm kitchen because I do not enjoy cold weather.

             Thank you for considering me for the job as Baker Elf.   I would be excellent at this job because I follow directions and enjoy baking.  I am a hard worker and you can count on me that the North Pole will have delicious treats.  I would enjoy working with the other elves at the North Pole!  Hope to hear from you soon!






Kate Snowflake





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Great work, Annie! You did a terrific job on your letter applying for the job as Baker Elf at the North Pole. You included some fantastic ideas such as being able to measure ingredients accurately an important skill to have as a baker. Smart to include you enjoy baking in a warm kitchen, since you do not enjoy the cold. Great idea to include that you have had practice baking at home with your mom. A suggestion to improve your letter was to include how you would have decorated your cookies.

It is fantastic that you included skills such as following directions, being a hard worker, and working well with other elves. These are definitely skills Santa would like to have an elf working at the North Pole.

Congratulations on being hired as Baker Elf at the North Pole! 🙂

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