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December 11, 2014elf-clip-art-christmas-girl-elf-170x300

Crystal Wonderland

12 Snowflake Land

Icy town,AB

T8T 2K9

Crystal Wonderland

12 Snowflake Land

Icytown, AB

T8T 2K9

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

My name is Crystal Wonderland and I’m excited to apply for a position at the North Pole. I  would like to apply for the  job as Decorator  Elf .

I believe I would be excellent at  this job because I enjoy making places look beautiful . I would also work hard and enjoy my time decorating with Christmas decorations at the North Pole .

I would make 3-D snowflakes with sparkles and glitter.   The North Pole  would  look like a Christmas Winterland.  I would make pretty red and green chain garlands. I would decorate the houses at the North Pole  from  the inside and outside.                            

The outside of  the houses I would decorate with small snowflake lights and with bright glittery silver lights around the house.  Inside the houses I would hang up garland with red glitter and beautiful large red bows on the fireplace hung with stockings. On the windows I would  put Christmas window clings  and red and green bells on Christmas trees.

My  friend Noelle (also known as Heidi) works  at the North Pole as an elf  designer.  Noelle  creates glittery bells with  snowflakes, trees and wrapping paper for  presents. Noelle and I are great friends and we would work well toegether.  I  would decorate the Christmas wrapping paper that my friend Holly (also known as Tina)  who wraps the gifts at the North Pole.   The children will definitely be excited to open the beautifully wrapped and decorated gifts given to them by Santa Claus’ elves.    

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the job as Decorator Elf.    If I  get the  job as Decorator Elf   I would  be a hard worker and wonderful elf.

Hire me  because I follow directions and work  well with others and I have awesome decorating skills.


Crystal Wonderland



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Great job, Sara! Your letter as Decorator Elf was well done. You included descriptive details explaining how you would turn the North Pole into a Winter Wonderland. Your description of glitter, sparkles, red and green chain garlands, and snowflakes help the reader envision what the North Pole would look like if you were hired as Decorator Elf. It was a great idea to include you would work well with Designer Elf, Noelle and Gift Wrapping Elf, Holly. This shows you have terrific teamwork skills!

You need to work on slowing down and ensuring your rough draft contains strategies discussed in class such as: punctuation, capitals, adjectives, and correct grammar. Continue working on editing and revising your work on your own.

Your elf turned out great as well! I know you were excited with your finished product. It is great to see such enthusiasm!

Congratulations on being hired as Decorator Elf at the North Pole! 🙂

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