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December 12th, 2014

Patrick Elf

Christmas Lane

Christmas Town VY 189R43


Mr. Santa Claus

25 December Lane

North Pole, Canada HOH OHO


Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

I saw your poster for jobs at the North Pole.  I would love to apply for a security elf because I’ve always wanted to work in the security department.  My skills are I’m hardworking, sneaky, fast, and very creative. I also get along with others and I enjoy working with other people. I really enjoy playing with toys and I love buying gifts for my family and friends.  I could help deliver millions of presents to kids. I am honest and strong and I would stay by your side and protect you forever.  I would protect the reindeer barn and the toy work shop. I would protect the North Pole and I would protect anything else you wanted me to protect. I would also make sure that nobody looks at their gifts before Christmas morning.

 I would protect Mrs Claus and the rest of the elves. I think you should hire me because I listen and I would do anything you say. I follow directions well.   Another reson to hire me is I would never let anything happen to the the reindeer barn,  toy workshop, North Pole, you and Mrs Claus and the rest of the elves.  I would do anything to protect  the North Pole to ensure the children of the world have a Merry Christmas.  

Thank you for reading my letter of application.  Thank you for taking the time to consider hiring me as a security elf.  I would do my best to protect the North Pole.  I definitely would like to work in the security department at the North Pole.




Patrick Elf   

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Nice job, Dylan! You did a great job applying for the job as Security Elf at the North Pole. Your letter really showcased how hard you would work to protect everyone at the North Pole to ensure their safety. You repeated yourself many times on how hard you would work protecting the North Pole, but never gave details on how you would do this. This would have made your letter more interesting. Continue to work on showing rather than telling for your next writing project.

You included your skills such as: hardworking, honest, and fast. These are definitely skills Santa would like to have in a security elf.

Congratulations on being hired as Security Elf at the North Pole! 🙂

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