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December 15, 2014angel elf

Westernland Elf                                       

12 Snowflake Lane

Icylong 99875



Mr. Santa Claus

25 December Lane

North Pole, Canada HO HO HO

 Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

I saw an advertisement that you wanted elves to help out at the North Pole. I want to apply for the position of Gift Wrapping Elf. I would wrap gifts for children all around the world. I wrap presents for my family all the time.  My family members comment how beautifully I wrap the presents. I would love to wrap gifts for the wonderful children to open Christmas morning.  

My gifts would be wrapped on time. I would help my friend Holly Winters wrap colourful gifts because she works in the gift wrapping department as well.  I would wrap gifts in paper that says ho, ho, ho on it and would be of course on red paper. I help my mom put the tape on the presents. I will help your elves wrap presents with tiny and large red and green bows. 

Thank you for reading my application for Gift Wrapping Elf. I hope you will hire me for this job.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!








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Nice job, Nancy. You did a great job with your letter applying as Gift Wrapping Elf at the North Pole. It was a smart to include skills that you already have such as helping wrap gifts for your family. It was smart to include your friend Holly Winters in your letter. This shows you have strong teamwork skills. I would have liked you to include more detail and description on how you would wrap the gifts and what your bows would have looked like. Continue to work on editing and revising your writing on your own for your next writing project.

Congratulations on being hired as Gift Wrapping Elf at the North Pole! 🙂

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