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Posted by nancyb1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on February 16, 2015

                                              All About School

     In gym we are doing gymnastics and there can only be four people in a group. We have to learn  how to do back bends and balances on one leg. We have to make a routine after we learn all of the different gymnastic moves. We also play games such as doge ball, soccer, and floor hockey. I like those games because they are enjoyable to play. I also learned a new game called Cats and Mice. The cats have to try to throw the ball to the mice to get them out. After the mice are caught they have to hold the boll so the next person can take the ball and continue running. When all of the mice are caught the mice and the cats trade spots.


            In language arts  we are reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We are going to make Juicy-O commercials when we are done the questions for chapter two. We are going to start reading ” The One And Only Ivan”. The book  looks very interesting because it is about a little elephant and a gorilla. We are going to start reading chapter 3 on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing when we are done the Juicy-O commercials. We are also learning about idioms like if you say “break a leg” it is good luck.



              In art we are sketching half of  our face. I am done my sketching, so I have to paint my Easter pot.  We are going to display the Easter pots in the hallway.  My reading group has to write “What Easter Means to me” to go with the Easter pots and the people  that are not in my reading group have to make a chicken instead.

          In math we are learning all about number lines. We also learned about standard form, expanded form, and number words. When we do number lines we have to put numbers on the number line. We are going to start multiplication.    I really enjoy school!  🙂 

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