Trazan Play and Police Point Park


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We  traveled to Medicine Hat to the Esplanade to watch Tarzan the play and to Police Point Park.  We left at 9:00 am to travel to Medicine Hat.  My favourite part of  the Tarzan play was that the gorilla mom took care of a little baby named Tarzan.  The part I didn’t enjoy was that the lion killed Tarzan ‘s parents. Tarzan’s costume was fine but we discussed why he wears a skirt because he lives in the jungle in Africa and it is hot there.  The lady in the yellow dress was a bit  strange.  Her name was Jane.  At Police Point Park we made a Blackfoot tepee.  At school we Skyped with Buffalo Bill and we learned  what the Native Americans used the buffalo for.  We learned buffalo fur is used for huge rugs  and some blankets.  The  bones are used for making tools.  The horns are used for a spoon and for scooping soup. I really enjoyed the field trip!

All About School


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All About School
        In Language Arts we have finished writing our Valentine Poem💝. We will continue learning about run-on sentences.  We are starting, ”Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing.” After that book we are going to start, “The One And Only Ivan.” We are answering questions about the novel. We started reading chapter 3. This week we are going to do lesson 11 for spelling test. For spelling we use a site called, ”Spelling City” that helps us with studying for spelling tests.  
In Social we finished the Rocky Mountains.  We mailed out letters to our classmates about the Rocky Mountain region. We started the Foothills and we almost half finished this topic. We started finding facts about animals and vegetation found in the Foothills. What I liked about Foothills is that they have the flowild rosewer emblem called the ,”Wild Rose.” We have done 5 Mystery Skypes where we have to guess where the other
class  lives. One lived in Pembroke, Ontario, another in Waterdown, Ontario, another in Edmonton, Alberta another in Evansville, Indiana. We also Skype with the Buffalo Bill Center in the United States.

 In Science we finished the Light unit and we are also doing optical devices such as a magnifying glass, a periscope, a telescope. We almost finished the eye unit then we are going to start Waste in Our World unit. Next we are going to start plants and some scientists are going to come here and do some planting with us.
In Gym we are going to do gymnastics after the play i like each cat has a ball and the cats have to try to catch the mice. Each of the mice have a yellow ball of cheese.  We finished basketball and started some soccer.  We are also doing some floor-hockey. We started a game in gym that is called, “Cats and Mice.” Each of the cats have to be in a line on both of the sides in the gym floor. The cats have to try and catch the mice by throwing the balls at the mice. Each of the mice have to have a yellow ball. When a cat catches a mouse the mouse has to sit down and hold the yellow ball up so the next mouse can come and get the ball
In Art we are finished making watercolour sunsets and we put polar bears on it with Spackle. Some kids are almost done their sketching half and half face drawing. For Easter we are making pots and we have to write a story about what Easter means to us and what we do it Easter.  We are typing it on an egg template.  We are going to grow real grass in it and put decorate three spoons to put in the pot. We will put a wooden flower in it as well.  
In Math we are doing comparing numbers, as well as, multiplication after comparing numbers. We are also doing problem of the day that involves math. We are also doing greater than> and less than<.  After Easter holidays we will start division, but it looks hard to me.  I really enjoy school!  🙂



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tarzan02     We traveled to Medicine Hat for a field trip with grades 2-6 students. First we went to the Esplanade to watch the play Tarzan. When the play started all the lights turned off. There was music playing, then the curtains opened. I enjoyed the part where Jane stayed with Tarzan in the jungle where they fell in love. I didn’t like where the leopard killed Tarzan’s parents and when Jane’s skirt fell down. There were people in the background dressed up as trees. I could hardly see them because they were camouflaged. The costume I didn’t really like was the gorilla’s costume because some had lots of fur and some hardly had any.  My favourite costume was the leopard’s because I really like leopard spots. Tarzan didn’t have very much clothes on. We talked about why he wore those clothes. The reason is that it is hot in the jungle of Africa. I have seen the movie Tarzan a few times but the play was way different. They skipped the part where Tarzan has to get an elephant hair and almost kills the gorillas. They also skipped the part where Jane gets chased by baboon. I still enjoyed the play.

     After Tarzan we went to Police Point Park. We went inside the building and sat around a buffalo hide. We helped a lady carry all the blankets outside with our partners. Annie was my partner. We went outside and put all the blankets on the table and stood in a line. We where first in line to carry a long stick which the Native Americans used to build there tipi. Once the tipi had all the sticks around it we covered it with buffalo hide. We put blankets inside on the floor. Each partner went inside and sat down. The boys sat on one side and the girls sat on the other. She told us what the Native Americans used from a buffalo. They used every part. The bladder was used to carry water for the men when they went hunting. She also told us that the women where in charge of the tipi and that they could make the men sleep outside if they wanted to. Police Point Park was very fun! The bus came to pick us up then we went home. The field trip was amazing!


medicine hat police point park trees



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TarzanGrade 2-6 went on a field trip to Medicine Hat to watch Tarzan and  only the grade fours went to Police Point Park. First we went to watch Tarzan . I enjoyed when Jane and Tarzan fell in love in the rain forest. I didn’t enjoy it when the leopard killed Tarzan’s parents.  The leopard’s costume were incredible.  My favourite costume was the leopard’s costume because my second favourite animal is a leopard. I really like the spots on the leopard. My least favourite costume was the gorilla’s costume because gorillas are my least favourite animal. I’ve watched Tarzan twice in my whole life. After Tarzan we went to Police Point Park.  We had to eat fast on the bus. When we got  to Police Point Park a lady talked to us about buffaloes because that is what Native Americans used to build their tipis.  When she was finished talking about Native Americans , we built a tipi too.  It was fun because Heidi and I were partners.  Heidi and I were the first ones to put a pole on the tipi. When our class was finished the tipi we put blankets in the tipi.   Our class went into the tipi and the girls sat on one side and the boys on the other side. When we where go out of the tipi we had to clean it up. It was a fantastic field trip!  



Medicine Hat Tarzan and Police Point Park


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Medicine Hat Tarzan

We went to the Esplanade, which is a museum and we watched the play, “Tarzan”. It’s about Tarzan is lost in a jungle in Africa. He also met kind gorillas, but the father gorilla didn’t really like that he was in the family because  he thought he was dangerous.The father gorilla’s name was “Kerchak.”   There was also a kid gorilla from the gorilla family. He was very nice to Tarzan. Tarzan also met a girl named Jane. Jane and Tarzan fall in love. It was a long play.

We also went to Police Point Park and we made a huge teepee. We had to be with partners to make the teepee. It was kind of hard to make with all the big sticks. We had to put some different kind of buttons to hold the teepee door. The teepee was very large and warm inside. They had lots of blankets to put in the teepee. They also had a blanket of a buffalo hide from a huge buffalo. The blankets were very warm. The woman also talked about how First Nnations made their clothes, blankets, knives, and things to write with. They also made horns to blow in  so they could catch the buffalos. They blew in the horns so the buffalos would come near them and some other First Nations would dress up like wolves so they would go to the edge of the cliff. It was very interesting.  I enjoyed the field trip!  🙂tarzan

All About School


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In Reading group we learned about Judy Blume, and that she wrote the book called, ” Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and we are making St. Patrick’s Day hats and we are about to start our “Juicy’ O,” show.

In Social we are learning about the Foothills and did some mystery Skypes in Edmonton, Waterdown, Pembroke , Evansville, Indiana and the Buffalo Bill Center which I enjoyed a lot. 

In  Science we learned about  light, convex and concave lenses, and  now we are learning about the waste unit.  Did you know that milk cartons and juice boxes are turned into cardboard?

In German we are learning to write in handwriting and singing our Easter song for the Easter Concert.     I know the Easter song off by heart and next week we are going to go outside for our Easter hunt!

In Math we are learning our multiplication facts and greater than >and less than <.

During  recess we always go outside when it is (1)

In Gym we are doing gymnastics and and it is enjoyable.

In Art we are finished our watercolour polar bears and we are working on our half and half face sketching, I am almost finished mine.

In Health  we are reading “The 7 Habits Of Happy Kids,” and we are about to make our own story.

I really enjoy school!  

All About School


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                                            All About School
In social, we made postcards and we sent them our classmates in the mail. We are also learned about the Foothills and the Rocky Mountain House. Way back in the day, they usually had a trading post. We have done 5 Mystery Skypes. One of them lived in Pembroke, Ontario another in Wader down, Ontario another in Edmonton, Alberta and another in Evansville, Indianna.We have also finished the Rocky Mountains. In the Rocky Mountains, there are animals such as a bighorn sheep.
     In science, we are learning about, “Optical Devices”.  I learned that a magnifying glass has a convex lens, that’s why a magnifying glass makes things look bigger. A convex lens makes things look bigger because the light bends inward and a concave lens makes things look smaller because the light bends outward. We have also learned about microscopes, telescopes, and cameras.We already started the waste unit.
  In math, we are learning about number lines. We also learned about standard form: 3645 and expanded form:3000+600+40+5=3645 and number words: three  thousand six hundred forty-five. When we do number lines, we have to put numbers in the number lines. We are also going to start multiplication.
 In language arts, we made hearts and we wrote our Valentine poems on them.We also got to decorate them with ribbon, stickers, glitter, and also sparkles. We also do novel studies and spelling. In novel studies, we read stories and we have to answer questions about it. In  spelling, we have to study our words and have to do a test on it.We also started reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, the first chapter. We’re going to start Juicy-O commercials when we’re done answering the questions for chapter two.We want to start reading” The One and Only Ivan”. The book looks very interesting because it’s about a small elephant and a gorilla.We are going to start reading chapter 3 on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing when we are done doing the Juicy-O commercials.We also are learning about “idioms”. Idioms is something like if you say ” break a leg” which means good luck. We made leprechaun hats and we had clovers and we wrote our limericks and What am I poems on them.
    In Art ,we did our good copies of the sky for our watercolour polar bear project. We are also have to sketch the half of our faces. I’m  up to colouring my face on my good copy.  We already started our polar bears.  I like to water color because it’s almost like painting, and I enjoy painting.
   In Gym, we started gymnastics. In gymnastics we do balances. We also play games such as dodgeball, soccer, floor hockey. I like to play those games because they are fun to play. I also learned a new game called,”Cats and Mice”. The cats have a ball and have to throw the ball to the mice to get them out. When the mice get caught, they have to hold up a yellow ball so the next person in line can get the ball and continue the game.When all the mice get caught, the cats and mice have to trade places.  I really enjoy school and Grade Four.
 school_boy_clipart_printsofjoyschool picture

St. Patrick’s Day Limerick


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There was a leprechaun named Bree.

Who once found a pot of gold free.

And when he went to get gold,

He realized he was too old.

He had to go over a tree.






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We went to the play called Tarzan in Medicine Hat at the Esplanade. It was amazing. We got to see Tarzan start out as a child to an adult living with gorillas.  A sad part was when a leopard named Saber kills the parents, but Tarzan kills Saber and the jungle is safe.  Then humans come to the jungle in Africa and Tarzan meets a girl named Jane and they fall in love. I really liked the costumes, however, the monkey costumes were not realistic, but the leopard and Tarzan’s costumes were realistic. I wish I could see the whole play all over again. It was awesome how Tarzan jumped from platform to platform. I really enjoyed how they had Tarzan fight with the leopard and win. If I could be in the play I would be a gorilla. I didn’t enjoy how it took so long to switch out the background, but I still enjoyed the show. I hope they put the show on again and we get to go to it again next year. image

Haiku Poem


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What am I? 


I am very small.

I enjoy buckets of gold.

In one second I disappear.

Click the link below to see what I am.  



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