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We went to the play called Tarzan in Medicine Hat at the Esplanade. It was amazing. We got to see Tarzan start out as a child to an adult living with gorillas.  A sad part was when a leopard named Saber kills the parents, but Tarzan kills Saber and the jungle is safe.  Then humans come to the jungle in Africa and Tarzan meets a girl named Jane and they fall in love. I really liked the costumes, however, the monkey costumes were not realistic, but the leopard and Tarzan’s costumes were realistic. I wish I could see the whole play all over again. It was awesome how Tarzan jumped from platform to platform. I really enjoyed how they had Tarzan fight with the leopard and win. If I could be in the play I would be a gorilla. I didn’t enjoy how it took so long to switch out the background, but I still enjoyed the show. I hope they put the show on again and we get to go to it again next year. image

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Nice job on your Tarzan post. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. You understood what the play was about. You could have added more detail to your post by explaining why you thought the costumes were realistic and unrealistic. Also, why would you want to be a gorilla in the play? I agree Tarzan was very agile in jumping from platform to platform. Also, it does take time to switch the background during performances, so this was not unusual. Keep working hard, Dylan! 🙂

I agree with you that the play was amazing! I wonder if Tarzan had to practice jumping and leaping like that? Have you ever seen a real gorilla? Is that why you would choose to be that character? You summarized the whole play correctly by saying we were able to see Tarzan go all the way from being a child until he became an adult! That’s a lot of years.

Yes I have seen a real gorilla and that’s why I would want to be a gorilla in the play. Thank you for the comments.

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