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                                            All About School
In social, we made postcards and we sent them our classmates in the mail. We are also learned about the Foothills and the Rocky Mountain House. Way back in the day, they usually had a trading post. We have done 5 Mystery Skypes. One of them lived in Pembroke, Ontario another in Wader down, Ontario another in Edmonton, Alberta and another in Evansville, Indianna.We have also finished the Rocky Mountains. In the Rocky Mountains, there are animals such as a bighorn sheep.
     In science, we are learning about, “Optical Devices”.  I learned that a magnifying glass has a convex lens, that’s why a magnifying glass makes things look bigger. A convex lens makes things look bigger because the light bends inward and a concave lens makes things look smaller because the light bends outward. We have also learned about microscopes, telescopes, and cameras.We already started the waste unit.
  In math, we are learning about number lines. We also learned about standard form: 3645 and expanded form:3000+600+40+5=3645 and number words: three  thousand six hundred forty-five. When we do number lines, we have to put numbers in the number lines. We are also going to start multiplication.
 In language arts, we made hearts and we wrote our Valentine poems on them.We also got to decorate them with ribbon, stickers, glitter, and also sparkles. We also do novel studies and spelling. In novel studies, we read stories and we have to answer questions about it. In  spelling, we have to study our words and have to do a test on it.We also started reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, the first chapter. We’re going to start Juicy-O commercials when we’re done answering the questions for chapter two.We want to start reading” The One and Only Ivan”. The book looks very interesting because it’s about a small elephant and a gorilla.We are going to start reading chapter 3 on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing when we are done doing the Juicy-O commercials.We also are learning about “idioms”. Idioms is something like if you say ” break a leg” which means good luck. We made leprechaun hats and we had clovers and we wrote our limericks and What am I poems on them.
    In Art ,we did our good copies of the sky for our watercolour polar bear project. We are also have to sketch the half of our faces. I’m  up to colouring my face on my good copy.  We already started our polar bears.  I like to water color because it’s almost like painting, and I enjoy painting.
   In Gym, we started gymnastics. In gymnastics we do balances. We also play games such as dodgeball, soccer, floor hockey. I like to play those games because they are fun to play. I also learned a new game called,”Cats and Mice”. The cats have a ball and have to throw the ball to the mice to get them out. When the mice get caught, they have to hold up a yellow ball so the next person in line can get the ball and continue the game.When all the mice get caught, the cats and mice have to trade places.  I really enjoy school and Grade Four.
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Excellent job on your post, Tina. I like how you explained what you have learned in each of the subjects and what you enjoyed. You have done an excellent job on your polar bear watercolour project and symmetrical sketching of yourself. They were neat and well done. My favourite subject in school is Science? I enjoyed Science because of the experiments. What is your favourite subject? I am looking forward to your gymnastics routine! I can tell you really enjoy school because are an enthusiastic and hardworking student! Keep up the excellent work and I am so glad to be teaching you this year! 🙂

I like all the subjects. Thanks for asking! I really enjoy the science experiments. I like the way they work. It’s so cool! The symmetrical sketching of myself was kind of hard, but it turned out great! I really enjoy gymnastics, but I still don’t really know what I should do for our routine. I also like to skyping with other people that I don’t know. I really liked skyping with the people that lived in San Diego. It’s really cool that you can adopt an animal! I really enjoy you as my teacher!

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