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All About School
        In Language Arts we have finished writing our Valentine Poem💝. We will continue learning about run-on sentences.  We are starting, ”Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing.” After that book we are going to start, “The One And Only Ivan.” We are answering questions about the novel. We started reading chapter 3. This week we are going to do lesson 11 for spelling test. For spelling we use a site called, ”Spelling City” that helps us with studying for spelling tests.  
In Social we finished the Rocky Mountains.  We mailed out letters to our classmates about the Rocky Mountain region. We started the Foothills and we almost half finished this topic. We started finding facts about animals and vegetation found in the Foothills. What I liked about Foothills is that they have the flowild rosewer emblem called the ,”Wild Rose.” We have done 5 Mystery Skypes where we have to guess where the other
class  lives. One lived in Pembroke, Ontario, another in Waterdown, Ontario, another in Edmonton, Alberta another in Evansville, Indiana. We also Skype with the Buffalo Bill Center in the United States.

 In Science we finished the Light unit and we are also doing optical devices such as a magnifying glass, a periscope, a telescope. We almost finished the eye unit then we are going to start Waste in Our World unit. Next we are going to start plants and some scientists are going to come here and do some planting with us.
In Gym we are going to do gymnastics after the play i like each cat has a ball and the cats have to try to catch the mice. Each of the mice have a yellow ball of cheese.  We finished basketball and started some soccer.  We are also doing some floor-hockey. We started a game in gym that is called, “Cats and Mice.” Each of the cats have to be in a line on both of the sides in the gym floor. The cats have to try and catch the mice by throwing the balls at the mice. Each of the mice have to have a yellow ball. When a cat catches a mouse the mouse has to sit down and hold the yellow ball up so the next mouse can come and get the ball
In Art we are finished making watercolour sunsets and we put polar bears on it with Spackle. Some kids are almost done their sketching half and half face drawing. For Easter we are making pots and we have to write a story about what Easter means to us and what we do it Easter.  We are typing it on an egg template.  We are going to grow real grass in it and put decorate three spoons to put in the pot. We will put a wooden flower in it as well.  
In Math we are doing comparing numbers, as well as, multiplication after comparing numbers. We are also doing problem of the day that involves math. We are also doing greater than> and less than<.  After Easter holidays we will start division, but it looks hard to me.  I really enjoy school!  🙂

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Fantastic job explaining what we do at school, Martha! I think the Wild Rose is a pretty flower too. You did a great job on your watercolour polar bear project, as well as, your symmetrical drawing of yourself. Both projects were neat and well done. I’m looking forward to your gymnastics routine and What Easter Means to You project. I can tell you enjoy school because you are a hardworking and enthusiastic student. I am so happy I am teaching you this year! Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

You did a very complete job of reporting. You are learning a lot in Grade 4. Your font colour is very pretty but it’s a little hard to see on a white background. Maybe 1 shade darker would be easier to read.

Hi Mrs. Nishi! Thanks. I tried my best. I learned a lot this year! I didn’t think that the writing would be too hard to read. I wish I did it a little bit darker blue. 🙂

Yes, the colour is much better to read now. Now, everyone can easily see your comments!

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