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tarzan02     We traveled to Medicine Hat for a field trip with grades 2-6 students. First we went to the Esplanade to watch the play Tarzan. When the play started all the lights turned off. There was music playing, then the curtains opened. I enjoyed the part where Jane stayed with Tarzan in the jungle where they fell in love. I didn’t like where the leopard killed Tarzan’s parents and when Jane’s skirt fell down. There were people in the background dressed up as trees. I could hardly see them because they were camouflaged. The costume I didn’t really like was the gorilla’s costume because some had lots of fur and some hardly had any.  My favourite costume was the leopard’s because I really like leopard spots. Tarzan didn’t have very much clothes on. We talked about why he wore those clothes. The reason is that it is hot in the jungle of Africa. I have seen the movie Tarzan a few times but the play was way different. They skipped the part where Tarzan has to get an elephant hair and almost kills the gorillas. They also skipped the part where Jane gets chased by baboon. I still enjoyed the play.

     After Tarzan we went to Police Point Park. We went inside the building and sat around a buffalo hide. We helped a lady carry all the blankets outside with our partners. Annie was my partner. We went outside and put all the blankets on the table and stood in a line. We where first in line to carry a long stick which the Native Americans used to build there tipi. Once the tipi had all the sticks around it we covered it with buffalo hide. We put blankets inside on the floor. Each partner went inside and sat down. The boys sat on one side and the girls sat on the other. She told us what the Native Americans used from a buffalo. They used every part. The bladder was used to carry water for the men when they went hunting. She also told us that the women where in charge of the tipi and that they could make the men sleep outside if they wanted to. Police Point Park was very fun! The bus came to pick us up then we went home. The field trip was amazing!


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Fantastic job, Heidi explaining your understanding about Tarzan and Police Point Park! 🙂 I can you pay attention to details! Very observant that the play took out portions from the original. Sometimes this is done because of time constraints. Why do you like leopard spots? Great use of the word camouflaged! It is great you understand how important the buffalo was to the Native Americans. You explained what we did at Police Point Park well! You are right, the Natives used every part of the buffalo to help them survive. Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

Very nice job of reporting with details describing what you liked and didn’t like about the play. You put a lot of thought into your writing. It. will exciting for you to go to another production and see how it compares to this one. I hope you get the chance to go. It’s nice you had time to squeeze in another activity that day!

Thank you. I tried hard to do my best. I like leopard spots because it is hard to see them when they crawl through the grass in Africa. I tried to listen when the lady told us what parts they used from the buffalo.

Thank you Mrs. Nishi! Some parts where scary that’s why I didn’t like them. I hope I get the chance to go to another one too! We had to eat on the bus and we had to hurry! 🙂

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