What Easter Means to Me


Posted by nancyb1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on April 1, 2015

Good Friday is when Jesus was nailed  on the cross. Jesus was nailed on the cross to forgive our sins. After Jesus died on the cross Joseph put Jesus into a  After three days Mary went to the grave to see if Jesus was still there  grave but Jesus was not there. Then Mary saw an angel siting on the big rock. The angel told Mary that Jesus rose from the grave and is alive. That’s what Easter means to me. On Easter morning we try to find our Easter baskets and eat chocolate.  After finding our baskets and eating some of the chocolate we go to church or get ready to go to our cousins or our grandparents.  It is really embarrassing saying prayers in front of my grandparents. After we are done our prayers we get a dollar from our grandparents and get treats from my cousins parents whoever said a prayer. 


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Nice job Nancy! You understand the importance of Easter, which is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising as our Saviour. It sounds like you have a nice time celebrating Easter with your family. Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

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