What Easter Means To Me?


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What Easter Means to Me?

 On April 3rd, Jesus was nailed to the cross this is called Good Friday. On Easter Day Jesus came back alive. Jesus rose from his grave. Mary was surprised when an angel told her that Jesus was alive. Eggs and bunnies are Easter symbols. Easter eggs can mean new life and Easter bunnies can mean Spring. That’s what Easter means to me!

   We celebrate when we go to church where we sing Easter songs. On Easter our relatives come to our house or we go to their house.   We have some chocolate bunnies and snacks. After we go downstairs and wait until the dads are done hiding eggs. The moms stay with us and watch that we won’t peek outside.  Then when they are done we go outside and try to find the eggs. When we are done we can play a game until everyone finds the hidden eggs. Once everyone is done we go inside and eat some chocolate from our bags. Then our moms start making dinner. We always have delicious food for dinner. Easter is fun to celebrate!


Easter EggEaster Basket

Happy Easter

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Great work on your Easter post, Martha! You explained the importance of Easter, which is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising as our Saviour. It sounds like you have a memorable time celebrating Easter with your family. Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

My mom and dad went on the blog to read my Easter post and said I did a wonderful job of creating this post and the post means a lot to them. I had a wonderful Easter Break we played lots of games and we had some visitors came here and my grandma came with them. They came from United States in Seminole, Texas. My grandma is staying here for about 4 months. 🙂 🙂

It is fantastic that your parents looked at your Easter post and I am glad they enjoyed it! It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with your family. How nice it is for you and your family to have your grandma visiting. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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