What Easter Means to Me


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What Easter Means to Me


On April 3rd which is on Good Friday, Jesus was nailed on the cross. A man named Joseph took him off the cross and brought him into a grave. On Easter morning, Jesus came back to life and he rose from his grave. That’s what Easter means to me.

We celebrate Easter when our relatives come to our house or we come to their house. We always have to sing our songs to our cousins that we sing in German class at school. When we are done, the dads hide our Easter eggs outside and the moms stay inside to watch if we are peeking. When we are done finding the Easter eggs, our parents unwrap a big item that is wrapped in newspaper and they have to unwrap it till it is totally gone. We always go outside and play games. We always have to watch the little kids so they won’t get lost. Our parents always tell us when to come inside for dinner. We always have meat and mashed potatoes. It is so delicious! We also have red cherry juice and orange juice. It tastes delicious.  Easter is very fun to celebrate!

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Nice work on your Easter post, Tina! You understand the importance of Easter, which is Jesus dying for our sins and rising from the dead as our Saviour. Great job explaining what you do with your family. It sounds like you have a delicious meal at Easter time and fun with you family members. Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

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