What Easter Means to Me!


Posted by helenap1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on April 1, 2015

What Easter Means to Me!

On April 3rd Jesus got nailed to the cross. On Easter Sunday we go to church. My brother and sisters that are married come to our house and I say all the prayers that I learned at Easter. My brother and sisters hide my Easter treats and I go find them.   The rest of the day I play with my nephews. On Easter Monday we go to our grandparents house and I get Easter treats from my grandparents and from other people too. The rest of the day I play with my nephews and other people as well. On Tuesday we go to our other grandparents house and I say all my prayers that I learned for Easter with my cousins. We all get Easter treats from my grandparents and from all of my cousins. We usually stay there until 6’o clock and I don’t get to play with my cousins really much.

  Easter Bunny painting Easter Eggs      Happy Easter!????????????????????????

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It sounds like a great day with your family!
Happy Easter!

Nice work on you Easter post, Helena! You understand the importance of Easter and explained what you do with your family. It is wonderful that you have a great deal of family to spend Easter with. Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

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