What Easter Means to Me


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EasterWhat Easter Means to Me

        Easter was when Jesus was nailed to the cross with a spiked hat around his head. Jesus was taken off and put in a cave with a big round rock blocking the entrance. Three days later the rock moved out of the way and Jesus was alive. Then an angel came and told everyone in the village that Jesus was alive and well. Everyone came to see. When everyone got there Jesus rose to heaven.

On the day before Easter we go to my grandparent’s house and sleepover. When we go to sleep my parents hide the eggs. When we wake up we go and find the eggs. When we find all the eggs we eat breakfast and in a couple of hours we eat lunch. At supper we usually eat mashed potatoes, corn, and hash brown casserole. We have dessert which is usually cheesecake.  We go to bed and in the morning we go home.        

                                                                                                                                                    Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!:)


Easter egg





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Nice work on your Easter post, Dylan. You understand the importance of Easter and explained how you celebrate Easter with your family. Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

Good job on your Easter post. I hope you enjoyed the time with your Grandparents!

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