What Easter Means to Me


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                                                      What Easter Means to Me           bunny 1Easter


On Good Friday we go to church and when church is over we go home and read the bible. On Easter we go to my grandparents house and say prayers and sing Easter songs. Jesus was nailed on the cross on Easter. Joseph took Jesus off the cross on Easter morning. On Easter we go and find our treats and eat them. Sometimes we get a huge Easter chocolate egg that has a big toy inside. Sometimes my cousins come to my house and sometimes we go to their house.   On Easter we go to places like Calgary Zoo.  Sometimes my cousins and I find the Easter eggs that the parents hide. We play hide and go seek, tag, and other games on Easter. On Easter we go to a park in Bow Island. At Easter we go to Church and talk about Jesus how he was nailed on the cross. Sometimes we go to Two Hills to my cosuins and sleepover for two nights. In Church we sing for Jesus when he was on the cross.

                                                   HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice work Martin explaining the importance of Easter and what you do with your family. It sounds like you have a memorable time with your family remembering the importance of Easter, which is Jesus being nailed to the cross and rising from the dead as our Saviour. A reminder for your next writing piece is to keep your ideas are more organized. Happy Easter! 🙂

Well Done Martin! Remember to keep similar ideas together. I am glad you have fun with your family at Easter.

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