If I Had The Last Truffula Seed


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                                              If I Had The Last Truffula Seed. . .  

                                                                                        By: Judy                                                                                                                                             

If I had the last Truffula seed, I would put it in a jar and go home and hide the jar so no one would find it. I would go and look for the Lorax. When I found him I told the Lorax that I have the last Truffula seed. I asked him if he wanted to help me get all the creatures to come back and live in the once beautiful Truffula filled forest. In a couple of weeks the tree grew large enough that I gently took the seeds off of the tree and grow more trees so the Bar-ba- loots could return to the beautiful Truffula forest. I took the muddy water out of the pond and put new, fresh, and blue water in the pond. I found the Humming-fish and place them in their new clean environment. I cleaned the air. I asked the Lorax to go and find the Swomee-Swans. When he was back with the Swomee-Swans I completed cleaning the air. The Lorax, the rest of the animals and I lived in the clean beautiful Truffula tree forest.


                                                                                              THE END



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Good work, Judy! You understand that a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. I like how you worked in an orderly fashion of planting the seed, growing the seeds, and cleaning up the Truffula forest so the animals could return again. Keep working on adding details to your story to make it more interesting. Keep working hard! 🙂

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